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Last updated: 20/5/19

Welcome to the Offers page. Here is our latest offers.

Ear irrigation: Cosmopolitan Medical Clinic offer ear irrigation services which is now £40.00 for both ears

Chickenpox vaccine: Ideal for children aged 1 year and over £75.00

New introductory offer for B12 Injections - £48 and Blood tests - from £60

This new service is suitable for clients who wish to enhance their vitamin health in their daily routine or who may be unable to access regular or more frequent B12 supplementation via the NHS. Our clients will receive 1mg Hydroxocobalamin via intramuscular injection. All procedures are carried out by our qualified professional nurses within our CQC registered clinic. All clients will be asked to complete a consent form to ensure that there are no underlying health complications that will prevent them from receiving Hydroxocobalamin.

At this time there is no recognised risk from receiving high or frequent doses of Vitamin B12. The intervals can be determined by agreement by the clinical staff and the client.

We are aware access to B12 can be from the internet and non clinical shops/beauty environments, our medical clinics which are registered by the CQC are regulated and provide a high standard of care. This makes us different from most providers outside of the NHS and a name you can trust with your health care needs.


Is it safe to have Vitamin B12?

For the great majority, yes. B12 is a water soluble vitamin - which means that surplus is not retained in the tissues, it is passed out of the body via the kidneys and therefore will not reach harmful levels.

Are blood tests recommended

We strongly recommend a blood test is carried out before commencing treatment. This will test for your B12 levels - Price - £60

There are two thing to consider - first, what is a true adequate level of B12 and second, how well your body is handling B12 once it is in the system. On definition of B12 deficiency is set at a low level (in the region of less than 200 pg/ml). Some health professional advise that levels of 400 or higher should be considered as the lower limit of normality. So conflicting advise may have been provided prior to your visit.

Then there is the question of how effectively the individual is able to absorb B12 once it is in the system. Our protocol recommends a review at 9 months which will include an overall consultation and a blood test panel that will assist us to the effectiveness of the B12 treatment

After assessment some clients may proceed with B12 injections if symptoms are apparent and blood tests are within “normal” range.

5. I would like to try it, how often should I have the injection?

Ideally, you will be in discussion with a medical or other professional who has a good understanding of B12 and its role. We cannot recommend a particular regime, but many believe monthly injections are beneficial and some opt for more frequent regimes, even daily in a few situations. Importantly, as already stated, assuming there are no contraindications to treatment, frequent B12 injections are sa

Where will I be injected, does it hurt?

Usually the upper arm (deltoid muscle), although the buttock (gluteus) or thigh (quadriceps) are equally acceptable. A brief sting is possible, but will not be long lasting. Reactions at the site of the injection are possible (redness, swelling) but are rare and short lived.

8. What does the injection solution contain?

The solution contains Hydroxocobalamin which is a form of Vitamin B12. It is a sterile solution in a glass ampoule and contains hydroxocobalamin acetate. It also contains water and sodium chloride and may also contain a very small amount of acetic acid and/or sodium hydroxide.