Please refer to our price list for a full list of our Childhood Vaccinations offered. We have been very popular with the Meningitis B vaccine and Chickenpox for children. Other Childhood vaccines we offer include: Single Measles, Meningitis C, MMR Vaccine, Child Hepatitis A, Child Hepatitis B, HPV  and others. We are in a privileged position to be able to offer all childhood immunisations that are available on the NHS, as well as some vaccinations which are not including Chickenpox and Meningitis B.

Vaccination schedule

Age Vaccination
8 weeks Meningitis B (1st dose)

Rotavirus (1st dose)

6-in-1 (1st dose)

12 weeks Rotavirus (2nd dose)

6-in-1 (3rd dose)


16 weeks Meningitis B (2nd dose)

6-in-1 (3rd dose)

Schedule for children aged 1 to 15

Age Vaccination
1 year
Meningitis B (booster dose)

Chickenpox (1st dose) – 2nd dose due 6 weeks later

HIB/Men C (booster dose)

MMR (1st dose)

PCV (2nd dose)

3 years and 4 months

MMR (2nd dose)

12 – 13 years HPV 9 vaccine (2–3 doses required)
14 years Meningitis ACWY (teenage booster)
DTP 3-in-1 (teenage booster)

Additional private vaccinations

Vaccination Price
Over 6 years of age will require Mantoux test – review 48-72 hours later if negative – BCG can be given
Mantoux test
Required for children 6 years and older prior to BCG.
Flu vaccination
Yearly from 6 months to adulthood — injectable flu only.

Travel vaccinations for children are also available – please refer to the Travel Health page or price list.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email if you have any questions or requests regarding children’s healthcare or children’s vaccinations.

We aim to make yours and your child’s visit comfortable and for you to leave confident in our services and staff.