COVID-19 Testing

Government approved Covid PCR test supplier

As you’re well aware, Covid-19 has put our worlds into turmoil. Like many other medical institutions, Cosmopolitan Medical is here to help stop the spread, protect our loved ones and prevent this virus causing any more harm.

We now offer Covid tests allowing you to get checked. If you’re experiencing any of the common symptoms; a new continuous cough or difficulty breathing, a change or loss of taste or smell, or a high temperature, we recommend that you do not visit our centre in Orpington, to prevent further infection. You can contact us remotely via email or phone and we will send a testing kit straight to your home. Even if your symptoms do not feel severe, getting tested means you can do your bit to protect those more vulnerable. If you’re unable to get a testing kit from the Government website, contact us today.

We are an approved providing private testing services; full details of approved sites can be found on the UK government website.

Antibody testing

If you do not have symptoms and would like to check if you have the Covid-19 antibody, Cosmopolitan Medical now offer testing for this. We have two tests you can take at our clinic in Maidstone:

  • Our PHE endorsed, Abbotts Anti-body Blood Test. Results will be provided in 1-3 working days
  • Our Instant Anti-body Test, with results available in 10 minutes

Both are 99% accurate, so regardless of the one you choose, you can be sure the results should not differ. If you’re unsure which option is best or would like to learn more about each test and their differences, please speak with our team today. We’ll be glad to talk you through the process and ensure you have the right information before your appointment.

Test prices

  • Covid-19 PCR £125

    Swab test carried out in partnership with a London-based accredited laboratory. Results normally returned in under 24 hours. Symptomatic clients must order remote testing option. Can be purchased as a home testing kit from our shop!

  • Covid-19 pre-travel swab with certificate £125

    Carried out in partnership with a London based accredited laboratory.

    Results are fast-tracked. Results returned within 24 hours of laboratory receiving sample. Courier fee may be recommended by our team to ensure fast turnaround - add £70 from Maidstone, or £50 from Orpington.

  • Covid-19 antibody test £89

    Instant IgG/IgM (more than 3 weeks from experiencing testing).

  • Covid-19 Abbotts IgG £89

    More than 17 days from experiencing symptoms.

  • Covid 19 Roche IgG/IgM £89

    Can be purchased as a home testing kit from our shop!

  • Covid 19 Roche - Post vaccination Antibody Test £89

    Can be purchased as a home testing kit from our shop!