At Cosmopolitan Medical, we offer private blood tests which can help screen for a wide range of illness. We offer HIV testing with a small amount of blood. We also offer new blood screening services which include for a range of symptoms:

Common tests

  • Thyroid Profile 1 – £130
  • Blood Group – £90
  • Full Blood Count – £90
  • Hb1Ac – £75
  • LFT – £84
  • Food & Environmental Allergy testing – £150
  • Vitamin B12 – £60
  • Food Intolerance testing – £150

Our samples are analysed by two laboratories, both of which are accredited and inspected for overall quality management by UKASUnited Kingdom Accreditation Services.

We can offer any blood test if a GP or specialist has requested the test and will review /manage results.

If you are looking for a health check due to ill health you will require a Remote GP consultation for £85. A consultation will include PMH/discussing symptoms and recent tests – the GP will then recommend a support package of testing, managing and reviewing results.

Alternatively you can use Medichecks, a Nationwide blood service and we just act as a phlebotomy clinic for your needs.

Medichecks blood tests

Medichecks offers a wide range of blood tests to the general public. Once you have decided which blood test you would like, simply buy the testing kit through Medichecks website and choose our clinic to have your blood taken by our nurse. You will be sent a blood testing kit to your home.

You can call the clinic to make an appointment or book online by clicking here.

Once you have booked online, you will receive a booking confirmation email. Please only book online if you have a medichecks blood testing kit in your possession. If no appointments are displayed using the online booking system, please call the clinic as we may have cancellations.