Convenient solutions without the fuss

There are many circumstances that could prevent you from attending a regular appointment; self-isolation, illness and mobility issues, or, quite simply, you may not have the time to travel to our clinic in Maidstone. Cosmopolitan Medical is all about making healthcare accessible, and one of the ways we do that is by offering our fully remote consultations.

Via phone or video call via a secure and private connection, you can connect with your GP, explain any issues you’ve been experiencing and express any other concerns. From what you’ve outlined, our medical professionals will then advise, arrange further testing or refer you, to ensure you receive the correct treatment. If you think this option could be beneficial for you, please contact our team.

Bring the professional to you

Over the phone and online appointments makes what is an extremely daunting experience for some individuals, less stressful as they can remain in a setting where they feel comfortable and relaxed. Whatever your reason for choosing this option, the Cosmopolitan Medical team hold no judgement and will only be too happy to accommodate your needs. Prices start from £85