Gonorrhoea is a sexually transmitted infection caused by the bacterium gonococcus. It is passed on if you have sex with a person already infected with gonorrhoea. This can be by vaginal, anal or oral sex. If it is left untreated, complications may develop, including persistent pelvic pain and infertility in women and narrowing of the urethra and prostatic infections in men. It can be passed during sex between men and women OR sex between men and men.


If you are at risk of picking up any sexually transmitted infections, then it is highly advisable to be tested and treated without delay. Early treatment reduces the risk of complications in the future.

If the test is positive, then you may need further testing to see if you have picked up any other infections. At JA Medical, our doctor or nurse will provide you with impartial and confidential advice based on your sexual history and symptoms, and recommend the most appropriate screening / testing.


Wearing a condom during sex helps to prevent gonorrhoea and other sexually transmitted infections. The risk of infection increases with the number of changes of sexual partner.


Treatment for gonorrhoea involves using antibiotics.